Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Natty Light

Thakoon pants, Uniqlo jacket, Guess Collection sweater vest, random white shirt, Prada shoes
I call this "The Flamingo"
You can kind of make out the ruffle in the back...

(Apologies for the slightly fuzzy pictures--we were in a hurry this morning and didn't realize!).  I was feeling in the natty mood this morning, to the point that I don't think a top hat, pocket watch, or cane would seem out of place with this outfit.  Maybe it has been all the talk of nostalgia as of late, but I was inspired as I dug up yet another piece of my past (my Guess past that is--it really was my favorite store circa 8th grade, my guesss (get it? get it?) is that I bought something from there every other week or so).  The shoes are also a nice trip down memory lane--my first designer shoe purchase after starting my job at the firm in New York.  Things were on crazy-sale the winter of '08 (unfortunately due to the recession) and I just couldn't resist the little whimsical ruffle/petal details (which are partially obscured due to the subpar photo--sorry again!).  I was also intrigued by the weird front part of the shoe, which is just. kind of...weird.  I think it kind of makes my foot look like a duck from certain angles.  And I love them for that.  I think?

Ok, but in serious news, it finally happened!  As of 10 AM this morning, I have been not only inspired, but transported to another more beautiful, more sophisticated, and infinitely more elegant world:

THE SS 2011 look from Erdem  (via style.com)

WANT. HAVE.  NEED. NOOOOOW!   While florals are nothing new for Erdem,* I cannot convey in words how much I love this slightly Edwardian (sans mutton sleeves, thank god), slightly tea-party,  slightly float-y dancer-esque confection of a look!  If they don't produce this, God help the Erdem PR people  because I will go through hell and high water to get it.  Let's just say if a certain celebrity stylist with the initials RZ need be forced upon fear of bodily injury to request the dress for a "celebrity" (with intitials WG), so be it.  Also, I am interpreting existence of this look as the universe trying to tell me that my new long-skirt obsession was well-founded and even prescient.  Although it will not be complete until this is mine.....grrrr.....

But enough about me, back to the collection--it was nothing short of delightful, even if not necessarily revolutionary.  It just made me smile and feel as though I had those diamond stars in my eyes that cartoons are wont to get.  And while there were a few looks that meandered too much into the saccharine (albeit the elegantly saccharine), many of the pieces are amongst the most beautiful I have seen this season.  Many are also inventive in a sneaky way (for example, this lace dress layered with more lace--such a simple concept, such a divine pay off).  Great things were also done with red embroidery over lace (almost a sterilized Dexter-like blood spatter effect, but pretty).  Overall, as refreshing as an afternoon tea. 

*Erdem was started in 2005 by Erdem Moralioglu, a graduate of the Royal College of Art  who paid his dues at Diane von Furstenberg before starting his own line.  Just this year, Moralioglu won the first ever British Fashion Council/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund Award (and a sizable GBP 200,000).  And the word Erdem apparently means "wisdom and knowledge" in Mongolian according to Wikipedia. So there ya go, you kind of have no choice but to check it out.  SS 2011 is here; the rest here.


  1. I just went and bought four pairs of shoes at lunch. I blame this blog.

  2. My first "designer" jeans I bought with my own money was a black pair in high school. I mowed yards all summer to save up the $50. I loved that the guys jeans had the green triangle and the girls had the red triangle on the back pocket. I was such a label whore.

    BTW, thanks for including me on the blog list.

  3. I'm trying to think of what my first EVER designer purchase with my own money was....was working at sam goody at the mall in high school....believe it was a michael kors military button down shirt i still have somewhere--was kind of gaga for him while he was at celine! good times label whoring... :)

    And my pleasure!

  4. oh i didn't get the initials...

  5. love those high waisted pants