Monday, July 22, 2013

When in...

 Dries van Noten shirt and skirt, Prada sandals and glasses

....the NW, wear plaid, right?  Yes, I'm still not over Dries plaid, and don't think I ever will be.  I went to visit my parents in Vancouver, and couldn't help but play to the asshole tourist cliche.  To be fair, the madras plaid also is kind of Indian, so I'm not a complete poser. I've also been on a mission to overhaul my shoe wardrobe, as I've had to finally concede that shoes ARE important, and that my still-growing (true story) feet need more love and care than I've bestowed on them thus far.  Exacerbating the need for new shoes is also the fact that I somehow seem to have grown taller. There's all kinds of new pressure and strain going on!  It goes without saying that this is something I should definitively not still be doing, but somehow it has undeniably occurred. The irony is that I would have been ecstatic to grow an extra inch 10 years ago (I was very much obsessed with reaching a certain height and very upset when when I fell short), and now, I'm kind of weirded out by it. Mostly because I had finally become completely comfortable with my physical self, and then everything had to go change! Nothing fits like it used to! Boo hoo! Growing pains ain't no joke and apparently never stop.

P.S. Thanks Dad for taking the pics!


  1. woah pretty crazy that the body never really stops growing! anyway you look as usual, and god dries ss13 was maaaaade for you.

  2. ohmygod you too???? Did you see a doctor? I'm freaking out since at 5'10/5'11 I'm already way too tall and I too have a feeling I'm getting even taller. And I'm an old b*tch haha

    But I do love your outfit!