Etee Organic Reusable Beeswax Review: A Zero Waste Solution to Replace Saran Wraps

bees wrap reviewIt was a Reddit sub that introduced me to the Etee organic reusable beeswax wrap. This was in July 2017, if I’m not mistaken.

While the very thought of swapping the Saran wrap that clings on perilously close to the sandwiches and everything else that I tuck into the fridge seemed appealing, and I had decided to explore the possibility, I forgot about it altogether.

It just fell through the cracks.

Later in the same year, I attended a ‘Zero Waste’ event and came across a lot of people who had wrapped their food in the Etee reusable beeswax wrap. And it looked cute, to be honest. Myriad colors, different patterns. It almost looked like any normal paper wrap.

That triggered a curiosity and I decided to decode the whole, reusable, washable, organic and eco-friendly food wrap wave that has been slowly creeping all over the internet landscape.

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TYME Curling Iron Reviews 2018: Now You Can Curl Or Straighten Your Hair In Less Than 15 Minutes

tyme iron reviews

Hi ladies! Jessica here. Recently I decided it was time for a new hairstyle — and that meant it was time for some new styling tools as well, specifically a brand new hair straightener.

If you’ve found your way here to my TYME reviews here, you must be interested in the exact same hair iron which caught my eye — the TYME Iron Pro. This is not the cheapest hair straightener around, so if you’re like me, you’ve decided to do your homework and make sure this is really the hair straightener for you.

You know what? I was really nervous about this purchase because I once did own a cheap hair iron, and it did not perform to my needs. The thought of spending more on an iron made me apprehensive.

But I really didn’t need to be nervous at all. I am so glad that I decided to take the leap with the TYME Iron Pro. This is the product I should have purchased in the first place. It far exceeded my standards. Now I’m going to tell you all about it!

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